Keeping Iran connected! We set up a proxy that you can use with the secure Signal app to stay in touch with friends and family during the Internet outage in Iran.

More details and instructions

@kaalki @tio @Xantulon @RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh just keep in mind the Germany/Finland server are Hetzner resold (so don't host Nitter there)

@tio @Xantulon @kaalki @RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh just open a ticket with us or send an email and we will create you an offer

@tio @Xantulon @kaalki @RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh we can upgrade ram and disk space however in most cases you will have a similar price as a dedicated server

@RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh @tio @Xantulon @kaalki ssh for ILO allows restart and remote acess for example to fix network or enter PBE password.
DNS is related towards your domain provider (except ptr however you set that only once realy no need for an api) and not your hosting (unless you operate it together)
For DNS entry we have an API (cpanel)

@RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh @tio @Xantulon @kaalki you can use VPN + SSH for ILO to manage the dedicated server if you want to script something

@RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh @tio @Xantulon @kaalki no API for VPS so far (work in progress, no ETA) , dedicated server are managed by KVM (ILO) however its for now behind a VPN for security reasons but we are working as well on an API ready solution.

@tio @Xantulon @kaalki @RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh i was only able to compare the given prices on the website which are already insane low for VPS ; however dedicated server are close to our prices while we include ddos filter etc. In such calculations there is zero margin for abuse handle and thats why they just ban you. Also german law is not in your favour. Hetzner did the same with nitter.

@tio @Xantulon @kaalki @RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh our dedicated server prices in Romania are lower then compareable ones of the mentioned provider ;) If you need something specific feel free to contact us we will give our best to find a solution

Introducing the new Floki Phone! 📞🛡️
A Graphene OS secure phone equipped to protect your privacy.

Order it here:

A wonderful present made by the wonderful and talented Ina Dumitriu. You can find her on Instragram at allyahinblack.
Thank you, Ina! 💙

You are a journalist in Greece and require technical support for secure phones and communication systems or want to check your systems for malware like Pegasus? Please reach out to us on

We finished the migration of our email setup to ProtonPrivacy and used the chance to update our PGP keys.
Oure new fingerprints are:

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