CloudLinux is a stable and secure tool for shared hosting providers. Want to find out more about it?

⬇️ slowing down the entire server when an account receives more traffic?
❌ we don't do that here.

🔒 A quick reminder that "password1234" is not a strong or safe password. We recommend using a cross-platform password manager such as @KeePassXC for increased security.

Hosting can be tricky!😳That's why we wrote a blog post on the basics of web hosting. Today's all about the VPS. Check it out!⬇️

Press freedom worldwide is threatened. Stay online with us! Why?
Iceland hosting: media laws to protect you from legal threats
Cybersecurity guard (1 Tbps+DDoS protection)
Security trainings for journalists

We'll donate 10% of your 1st payment on Iceland products to

🎁 Use the promocode DL120 for a 10% discount on this week's favorite server!
More details at:

🆕 More storage space at the same price for our shared hosting plans! We doubled the storage space for several plans, with no extra cost.
🛡️ DDoS protection is free for all plans in Iceland and Romania!

Check the updates at:

This month's favorite:
✅2x Octa-Core Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
✅2x250GB SSD
➕DDos Protection Included

More specifications at:

Besides data safety, anonymous hosting is helpful when you want to:
➡️ Publish information about the corruption in your country.
➡️ Show online support to minorities (ethnic or sexual) but your country deems that as a crime.
➡️ Avoid publishing an address imprint when having a blog.

➡️: Security is important to us. That's why we provide two-factor authentication for our support center and for any shared hosting plan.

We the barriers placed on women all around the world and support the fight against inequality. Happy Women's Day!

FlokiNET wishes you a happy spring! May this season be as green as our carbon-neutral hosting services!

➡️ : our shared hosting servers include free Let's Encrypt certificates which are installed automatically when the sever is set up.

Free DDoS protection and carbon neutral hosting in Iceland? Say no more! New blog article on our latest updates:

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