Today we celebrate and to the first edition of Global Encryption Day for a safer Internet.

Watch their press conference here:

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Use the code until the end of the month for a 10% discount on our G7s.
🛡️ Free DDoS protection included!

“While disinformation is always used with destructive or divisive intent, it can turn into a lethal weapon when it concerns public health.”

Having this in mind, we have not and will not support any type of content that spreads mis/disinformation regarding the global pandemic.

We support DNS over HTTPS and TLS to allow you to encrypt your DNS traffic so untrusted networks can no longer see or tamper with the websites you look up.
Read more about it here:

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Just clicked a @flokinet server. :flan_cool: I can really recommend them.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. New blog article about this.⬇️

We are happy to sponsor Data Journalism's latest podcast episode, where Maxime Vaudano from Le Monde and Antonio Baquero from OCCRP get into details about the investigation.

Listen to it here:

Environmental protection is what we aim to do.
Hosting services with a minimal carbon footprint is what we offer.👣 🍃

⚔️ Worried about DDoS attacks?
🛡️ All of our products in Romania and Iceland come with free DDoS protection!

💰 Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Monero are just a few of the cryptocurrencies that we accept.

⬇️ Find the full list of accepted crypto here:

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Get 15% off on Romania HP Proliant BL460c G7 by using the code "Summer" at checkout.

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FlokiNET is one of the businesses that are supporting the open letter published by Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, regarding Seehofer's plan as a risk for the cybersecurity of Germany and Europe.
Read the letter in German here:

Today we celebrate Iceland's National Day with a 10% discount on all Iceland products!

CloudLinux is a stable and secure tool for shared hosting providers. Want to find out more about it?

⬇️ slowing down the entire server when an account receives more traffic?
❌ we don't do that here.

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